Advocacy is about

Advocates at Wigan Family Welfare adhere to any relevant Codes of Practice (for example the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005) and a Code of Ethics.  They provide a free, independent and confidential service which is task focused and short term.


Having your own choice.
Representing your needs.
Making your views known.
Gaining access to services.
Offering support.

Supporting you to access information.

Aiming to ensure that people have their views heard and respected and give them a say in any decision making process which may affect their lives.

Advocacy is not about

Telling you what to say or do.

Forcing ideas, opinions or beliefs onto you.

Can Advocacy help you?

Wigan Family Welfare offers professional advocacy services which aims to support and represent individuals, families, young people and children. This service covers a wide range of issues ranging from independent mental capacity advocacy and childrens advocacy. For further information please click on the menu top left.