Everyone gets angry sometimes – it’s part of being human. It isn’t always a ‘bad’ emotion; in fact it can sometimes be useful, to protect us or express our feelings. However anger can become a problem when it hurts you or someone around you.


There is growing evidence that links anger to a range of emotional, social and physical problems.  Anger has been linked to mental illness and self harm and people tend to describe anger as having a detrimental effect on a relationship.


The project aims to work with children and young people between the ages of 5 years – 19 years  using outcome measures in order to improve their management of anger and social relationships.


Through working in a school setting we hope to improve the educational attainment for children and young people by dealing with their anger management and keeping them in education.


Children have an untapped resilience to deal with these issues, they need help in identifying their capacity to change.


The project hopes therefore to reduce the episodes of verbal and physical aggression in children/young people through the management of their anger concerns.


If you want to speak to someone about this project please ring  01942 867888.