More than 100 Children are bereaved of a parent in the UK every day.  Of course loss does not just cover the death of a parent, it can be loss of a family dynamic if parents are separated, loss of the familiar when transitioning into a new environment and many more concerns.


Bereavement in childhood is a risk factor for later difficulties.  Anxiety, depression, and involvement in crime.


The risk can be reduced by good early management, someone to talk to.


The aim of our service is to provide counselling to children and young children aged 5-19. To help them understand and cope with their loss and to promote health and wellbeing of each child.


The service provides direct access to counselling for those children and young people experiencing loss and bereavement throughout the Borough of Wigan.


The project runs from Monday to Thursday using outcome measures which help to show young people how they are progressing. The service is open to all children/young people. All you need to do is ring and make a referral.