The school counselling project offers a bought in service in primary and secondary schools, working to a service level agreement.  We offer a generic counselling service working with children and young people who are experiencing social, emotional or behavioural problems.  Providing the service in school offers equal access to all in a safe environment.


We provide an efficient, affective and cost effective service.  Our counsellors have a minimum of two years’ experience of working with children and young people in a school setting.  All our counsellors are accredited/registered members of the BACP.


Each counsellor operates a double case load seeing clients on a fortnightly basis, if a client is absent or unable to utilise their session, the slot is offered to a client from next week’s case load.  Offering counselling in school minimises disruption to a children/young person’s education only one period/lesson is missed.  Sessions are rotated through the time table ensuring that the same lesson is not missed on a regular basis.  We offer a confidential service within the frame work of child protection.  The limits of confidentiality is explained to the client during the contracting session before counselling begins.  The counsellor providing the service works with the schools child protection designated person when a young person makes disclosure, or when they are deemed to be at risk.  The counsellor supports the child/young person to share the disclosure and is involved in the discussion as to what happens next.  A list of the schools that benefit from this service or more information can be obtained by telephoning 01942 867888, Ext 211.


As a service we have been offering professional/supervision to teaching and pastoral staff.  This provides a safe environment to explore work issues in a confidential setting.