Wigan Family Welfare also provides Mental Health Advocacy support to people not detained under a section of the Mental Health Act. Those not detained are classed as ‘informal’ and are entitled to support through the MHA project. MHA Advocates are completely independent of professionals who provide care and treatment for people and can represent the views of the client / individual as instructed.

What is the role of the MHA?
A MHA will:
  • Listen to what the individual seeking support has to say
  • Provide information/research services the client may wish to access
  • Support the client to represent themselves during meetings and appointments such as ward rounds.
  • Help clients to write letters or write them on behalf of the client.
  • Contact appropriate agencies.
A MHA will not:
  • Tell the client what to do
  • Give advice or counselling
  • Act without the permission of the client
  • Take the place of other services.
Who can make referrals?

A MHA has a duty to comply with any reasonable request to see a qualifying person made by:

  • The person requesting support (self-referral)
  • Social Workers
  • Family/carers
  • Ward Staff
  • Other interested parties who have got permission from the qualifying person.
What happens once a referral is made?

The MHA will contact the person requiring MHA support within 2 working days if possible in order to make an appointment to see them. One of the MH Advocates can be contacted on the office number 01942 867888