The perinatal period starts when a women discovers she is pregnant until her baby is one year old.


We offer counselling to ladies with depression in the ante-natal period.  Pregnancy for many ladies is a difficult time full of apprehension and fear especially if they have had a previous traumatic delivery.   We also offer counselling to ladies following delivery who are experiencing more than the baby blues,  have a child under one year old and have been diagnosed by their health care professional as having Post Natal Depression.

This illness can affect how a women interacts with her baby as well as lowering her self-esteem and have a negative effect on relationships with those around her. With this in mind our project was developed further to include New and Expectant Parents who may be finding the impending birth or new baby stressful for them while trying to support the expectant/new mother.


For each section of this project 12 sessions of Person Centred Counselling are offered, taking place in the client’s homes or local Startwell Centres. Our female counsellor will discuss with you the most appropriate place for sessions to take place. We welcome self-referrals, referrals from GPs, Midwifes and Health Visitors. To meet our criteria you must live in the Wigan Borough and for PND have a recent Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale score of 12 or above.